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Old 01-03-2009, 02:20 PM   #16
Cheshire Figment
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Here are links to the 2013 After-Hours Party Tickets

Please See This Post http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?t=3105119 For Official Detailed Information for MNSSHP!

Please See This Post http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?t=3105124 For Official Detailed Information for MVMCP!

1. For days with MNSSHP or MVMCP you can get in starting at 4:00pm with a Party ticket and you will receive a wristband showing you are authorized to attend the Party. Note that people at the Disney Reservations Center are required to tell you that you cannot enter MK on your Party ticket prior to 7:00. This information is not correct. And we don't know why they require this misinformation.

2. If you are already in MK, after 4:00 there will be several locations within MK where your ticket will be processed and you will be given a wristband.

3. If you do not have a Party ticket at 7:00 the Magic Kingdom is officially closed to you and you must leave the Park.

4. Without a wristband you cannot enter the line for any show or ride and you cannot enter any food service location or any store. You will not be allowed to make any purchases from any kiosk or wagon. You might be allowed to use the restrooms.

5. If you are already in a merchandise shop at 7:00 you will be permitted to make a purchase, but you will not be able to purchase any party-themed merchandise. If you are in a quick service location you will be allowed to make a purchase.

6. If you are at a Table Service location without an ADR you will not be seated, or if your ADR is for 7:00 or later you will not be seated. Note that even if you had a CC guarantee you will not be seated and you will forfeit the guarantee as you do not, at that time, have valid park admission.

7. There will be CM "blockades" at various points within the park looking for wristbands. For the first half hour or so you will not be permitted deeper into the Park and you will be asked to leave. If it is past 7:30 and you are caught in a blockade or sweep you will, at that time, be escorted to the front of the Park and out the Gate.

8. If you are line up for a parade and do not have a wristband you will be escorted out of the park.

9. And if you do not cooperate with the CMs Security will be called.

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Cheshire Figment
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Disney’s Armed Forces Salute

Walt Disney World has a special program effective October 1, 2012 and running through September 28, 2013 for members of the United States armed services, their dependents and guests. This post discusses the program and is broken into three major sections: Eligibility, Entitlements, and Procedures for participating.

Eligibility and Definitions

A service member has a current active duty, including active reserve, or retired ID card from the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corp, or Navy. This includes disabled veterans whose ID Card indicates DAVPRM.

Under this year's rules, a foreign partner/coalition partner stationed at a US base is eligible. They must have a permanent US Military ID (CAC card) to be allowed to purchase tickets.

A dependent is the spouse or other relative of a service member who has an ID card (DD Form 1173) which shows the service member as the sponsor.

A guest is any person not a dependent accompanying the service member.

Not eligible on their own are persons who would normally have access to military bases and/or Shades of Green (SoG) such as DoD Civilians, NAF, USPHS and veterans who are not retirees. This list may include others. People who fall into this category may, however, be dependents or guests.

Tickets and Entitlements

A service member may purchase up to six 4-Day Disneys Armed Forces Salute Ticket during the promotion. At the time of purchase the service member must choose between three possibilities. There is no Base ticket available. Each ticket is either a four-day Park Hopper or it is a four day non-hopper with four Water Parks and Fun entries. Either of these tickets is $156. A ticket with both hopping and WPF&M is available for $184. These may be used by dependents or guests. The name of each dependent and/or guest will be recorded in ATS, tied to the service members name, and will be printed on the ticket. The price is the same no matter the age of the user. As normal, people under age 3 do not require tickets.

Salute tickets may be used back-to-back, such as two people wanting to use tickets for eight days.

If both members of a married couple are active or retired military they each qualify, on their own, for this program.

All Tickets will expire Midnight, Saturday, September 28, 2013, even if all entries have not been used. After the tickets are initially issued, it is $28 (plus tax) to add WPF&M to a Hopper or to add Hopping to a ticket with WPF&M. The normal 14 day rules concerning expiration and upgrade do not apply. However, no additional days may be added and the ticket may not have the No Expire option added.

The Tickets may be upgraded to Annual Passes, Premium APs, Disney Premier Pass, Florida Resident Seasonal Passes, or Florida Resident Weekday Select Passes (with proper Florida ID). The normal 14 day upgrade period does not apply. However, there will not be price bridging; this means that the value of the ticket will be what was paid for it ($156 or $184) and not the current gate price of an equivalent MYW ticket. If the ticket is upgraded to an annual product the expiration date will be one year from the date of first use of the Ticket. If any of the WPF&M entries have been used, the only allowable upgrade is to the Premium Annual Pass.

As an exception, if the immediate family has more than five dependents, additional Tickets may be purchased, but not to exceed the number of dependents. If the immediate family has more than five dependents tickets may not be purchased for guests.

If the service member is not available the spouse or unremarried widow may purchase and/or activate up to five Tickets for family and guests (including the spouse) so without the service member present a maximum of five tickets may be purchased. The special large family rule above applies. This purchase will not prevent the service member from receiving their ticket at a later date, but this will make the service member ineligible to purchase any additional tickets. Note that the Dependent ID Card (DD Form 1173) must show a relationship of either "Spouse" or "Unremarried Widow" to be able to activate the tickets. No other relationship can purchase tickets or have previously purchased tickets activated.

The tickets are blocked out and cannot be used be used for entry to the Magic Kingdom on July 4, 2013.

Procedures and Purchasing

There are three sources available. Two of these sources are Shades of Green or many (but not all) MWR/ITT offices. These are not live tickets but must be activated. The advantage to purchasing these is that sales tax is not collected on the Tickets.

The third source is Walt Disney World Park Ticket Offices (including TTC) and Guest Relations Offices (including DTD). Sales tax will be collected on any sales of Tickets or upgrades. Note that these cannot be purchased at any Resort Lobby Concierge or online.

Certain information from the service members ID will be entered into ATS (Name, Birth Date, base where assigned and e-mail address) and the names of all Ticket holders will also be entered and tied to the service member. If the tickets were prepurchased (MWR/ITT or SoG) the person will get the same card back. If these are new tickets, the tickets will be printed by ATS.

For each person the name, date of birth, address and telephone number will be entered into the system. The ticketholder's name will be printed on any tickets sold/printed at a window.

Once activated the tickets may be used at any turnstile. Finger scans will be used. In the event a ticket becomes demagnetized they can be reissued just as any other ticket.

If you have unused one-day non-promotional MYW tickets and wish to have them applied to the purchase of Tickets, this may be done provided the value of the unused tickets is equal to or less than the value of the tickets being purchased or upgraded. (Also 2-day MYW tickets for the combination ticket.)

Please be aware that there are some self-imposed restrictions at some military locations and information sites. The information posted above are Disney's rules. And since tickets have to be activated at WDW by Disney Cast Members, these rules do apply.

For example, at some military locations they will only sell tickets once; rather than buying three tickets once time and three later. Also some military locations will sell six tickets to a spouse, but at WDW six tickets will be activated only if the service member is physically present.

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Cheshire Figment
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June 3, 2012 Price List

Here are the prices for tickets available to the General Public and Florida Residents effective June 3, 2012

The following prices are not on the chart above. Prices are shown as Adult/Child before Sales Tax:

Blizzard Beach and one round at Winter-Summer Land miniature golf - $ 59.50 / $ 51.50
Water Park Annual Pass Renewal $ 89 / $73
Water Parks and Disney Quest Annual Pass Renewal - $ 117 / $ 90

18-B Reserved for Future Use

18-C Saving money on Upgrades to Annual Passes

It is possible to save a fair amount of money when buying Annual Passes if you have purchased your tickets in advance from an authorized ticket reseller. Generally these tickets are sold at a discount from the Current Gate Price (CGP) of the ticket.

(Please note carefully that the pricing chart in 18-A above does not include the 6.5% sales tax added to all tickets. Some resellers include the tax in their posted price; others add the tax at checkout.)

Step one - Look at the price for the ticket you want to end up with.
Step two - Look for the ticket from the reseller with the best discount from Gate.
Step three - Look at the chart and determine which ticket comes closest to the price of the ticket from Step One, but is not higher that that ticket.
Step four - Buy the ticket from the reseller which has the greatest discount from CGP but does not have a CGP value greater than the ticket you are ending up with.

When you get to the Parks, use the ticket you have purchased to enter any Park. This will change the value of the ticket to the CGP, no matter what was paid for it. Then take the ticket to either a Guest Relations Office or any ticket window (this includes the water parks, TTC or DTD) and do the upgrade.

After being quoted a price, and before making payment, be sure that the cost for the upgrade is within a few cents of what you were expecting to pay (which allows for rounding). If it is not in close agreement, as the CM to recheck their calculations and, if necessary ask "Has the price been bridged?" Sometimes a CM may forget to take the intermediate step to bring the used ticket price up to CGP.

See the discussion about Price Bridging (Or Not) in Post #22.

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Old 01-07-2010, 02:44 PM   #19
Cheshire Figment
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Posts: 38,537

"Free" Tickets and Special Promotions

There are two types of "free" tickets which are handled differently. There are "promotional" tickets and "complimentary" tickets.

Promotional Tickets

Often people will see promotions from both Disney and authorized resellers with an offer of "Buy X days tickets and get Y additional days free". This is promotional hype. If, for example, it says buy four days and get three days free, all it means is you are getting a seven day ticket at a reduced price.

Similarly, the 2009 "Free on Your Birthday" promotion and the 2010 "Give a Day" are promotional tickets. And when Disney has had a "Kids Stay and Play Free" These tickets have the full value of a purchased ticket they can be upgraded as any ticket for which full price was paid.

I would suggest you copy down the following information if you are planning to upgrade promotional tickets. If the person in the window is hesitant to upgrade these promotional tickets, ask them go go into The Hub >> WDW >> Work >> Ticketing >> Processes & Business Rules >> Upgrades >> Upgrade Guide to WDW Tickets and go down about ten items.

Complimentary Tickets

These tickets will normally say on them one of the following: Complimentary, Compassion, Comp, or CP.

They are given to people to make up for a problem and are considered Guest Recovery. These are the tickets that are given to Wish children and their families. In 2010 during the cutoff of trans-Atlantic flights due to the volcano they were given to stranded tourists.

These are also donated to non-profit organizations to auction of sell for their fund raising purposes.

These tickets tend to be one day for either one park or with hopping, but they can be at any level. These tickets, once issued, cannot be upgraded or modified in any way.

Recent Promotions

At the current time there is one special ticket promotions in effect. That is the DVC Member PAP for $399; see the section at the bottom of this post. Some recent, but ended, promotions were:

Give A Day, Get a Disney Day. Program ran January 1 - December 15, 2010

Free On Your Birthday - Valid Only During 2009

Florida Resident purchase Annual Pass good for 15 months ended December 31, 2009.

Any Annual Passholder receive a renewal pass valid for 15 month instead of 12 ended August 31, 2010.

Florida Resident Four Day Pass for $119 ended May 26, 2011.

Florida Resident special three or four day pricing ended May 24, 2012.

Florida Resident special three or four day pricing from January 2013 though June 8, 2013.

Any future Promotions related to tickets will be posted when information is released.

Disney Vacation Club Member Promotional Premium Annual Pass

During the period October 1 through December 31, 2012, DVC Members could purchase Premium Annual Passes for $399.00 (plus tax). This is a flat price for children or adults, new or renewal.

These could be purchased as either live tickets or as vouchers (or will-call or exchange certificates). If they are purchased as vouchers they must be converted to live tickets no later than December 31, 2013.

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Old 05-21-2010, 06:47 PM   #20
Cheshire Figment
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Ticket Purchases/Upgrades and Telephone People

Ticket Windows and Guest Relations Offices

There are Ticket Windows outside of all four theme parks, both water parks, Disney Quest and Wide World of Sports. The ticket windows for MK are at the Transportation and Ticket Center (TTC). There are Guest Relations Offices (GRO) at all locations where there are ticket windows including inside the four theme parks, at the MK gate (in addition to the one at the TTC), the Epcot International Gateway, and in Downtown Disney.

Every ticket window and GRO can sell any ticket available to the General Public, as well as Florida Residents and DVC Members. Every ticket window and GRO can also upgrade any ticket which can be upgraded, activate any Exchange Card/Voucher, and issue tickets from a reservation or voucher or replace a lost or demagnetized ticket. These capabilities include all tickets up to and including the WDW Premium AP. The only exception to this is the Disney Premier Pass (good at both WDW and DLR) which may only be purchased or upgraded to at a Park outside GRO window or at DTD (Note Epcot at Front Gate only).

In addition to tickets, the GRO will handle Lost & Found, Guest Recovery, and some very complex problems related to lost tickets that cannot be easily resolved. The GRO at the Theme Parks and DTD can also make dining reservations and handle problems related to Resort Reservations.

Resort Lobby Concierge

At each Disney Resort the Lobby Concierge can handle some problems related to tickets. If the ticket is on your room key (KTTW) they may do upgrades or remove the ticket onto a separate card. If your ticket is on a separate card they can transfer it to your KTTW provided there is no ticket on the KTTW. The LC cannot do anything related to any variety of annual pass, YES program tickets, or Armed Forces Salute Tickets. Also they may not be able to deal with No Expire tickets or paper tickets that were issued during a prior visit.

Other Ticket Purchase Locations

There are three other ways to purchase tickets, which will fall into the general categories of Safe, Problematical and To Be Avoided.

Safe would include The Disney Store, AAA Offices, Online (or by phone) directly from Disney, the Earport at Orlando International Airport, locations at Official Florida Welcome Centers or at Florida Turnpike Rest Stops, and a number of "Authorized Resellers".

I will not attempt to list this last group, but many of them are discussed in this and other forums. They will have the Official Disney Ticket logo on their web site and/or their physical location.

Depending on the location and type of ticket purchased from these locations you will receive either be a "live" ticket which can go directly into the turnstiles or a Voucher/Exchange Certificate which has to be activated or exchanged at any WDW ticket booth or GRO.

Problematical basically is time share locations. They may require you to attend a presentation and promise either free or reduced price tickets, or will do direct sales. It would be extremely rare for them to provide you with live tickets, usually you will receive a voucher which must be exchanged for tickets at a ticket window or GRO. If the ticket, or the voucher, says on it "Touch of Magic" the resultant ticket cannot be upgraded or modified in any way.

To Be Avoided is any private seller unless you know them personally, anybody on eBay, anybody on Craigslist (or similar) and anyone in a storefront or kiosk in either the US-192 or International Drive areas. There is no way you can tell by looking at any ticket what is actually available on the ticket. Many of these locations may be trying to sell expired or fully used tickets. The date shown on a ticket is only the physical date that particular ticket was printed. It could be a replaced demagnetized ticket or one that had days added. Although there is a printed date on the ticket, it can be a date when the ticket was reprinted for some reason and not the original date.

If you have a problem with the turnstile finger scan and cannot provide information to satisfactorily show the ticket is yours it could be cancelled and you would have to buy a new ticket on the spot to get into the parks.

Telephone Advice

Whenever you call Disney, unless you have been told by a person that the specific number is actually a direct line, you will get a Call Center.

The Disney Reservations Center (DRC) has locations in Orlando, Tampa, Houston, Utah and North Carolina. Some of the people at these call centers may have never been to WDW. They will identify themselves as Walt Disney Travel Company or Central Reservations Office (407-W-DISNEY) or Dining (407-WDW-DINE) The Annual Passholder line (407-WDW-PASS) or Tour Reservations (407-WDW-PLAY) or any of several other numbers.

The Main Switchboard (MS) is the main number (407-824-2222). It is also the Resort phone number on the back side of your Resort Reservations form. They are the ones that you get if you press "0" from any telephone on property. If you try to get your Resort Front Desk from a room. They also answer all calls to The Walt Disney Company Corporate Offices in Burbank. If you ask, they will identify themselves as "Guest Services". MS can connect you to any telephone on property, as well as transfer you over to DRC if needed.

Everyone at both DRC and MS have access to a very large computer information system called The Hub. Answers to almost all questions can be found there if you dig deep enough.

The people at MS do not deal with tickets at all. The people at DRC can sell tickets either as part of a package or separately. The people at DRC do not handle any ticket problems or upgrades. If you have any questions about upgrades, replacements, expiration or anything else about tickets you cannot rely on any information from DRC or MS. They have been known to require their agents to give specific information related to early Package Ticket pick-up and hours of special parties, which is not correct. So even though the agents know this information is not correct, if they tell this to the Guest and their call is monitored they could be fired.

Other than actually going to a ticket window or Guest Relations Office your best source of answers to ticket questions is actually DisBoards. If some answers your question incorrectly there will probably be at least a half dozen people jumping in to correct the error or misunderstanding.

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Cheshire Figment
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Florida Resident Installment Payment for Annual Passes

Walt Disney World is selling Annual Passes for Florida Residents only on the installment plan as well as immediate payment. These specifically are the Weekday Select, Seasonal, Annual, Epcot After 4:00, and Premium Passes. Not included are Water Parks, Disney Quest, DVC Member Rates, The Premier Pass, and for any person without proof of Florida Residency.

Use of a Credit Card or Debit Card without PIN is required. For various reasons it is much easier to do the purchase online rather than at a window. However, they can be purchased at any WDW Park ticket window (including TTC, water parks and DQ) or any Park (or DTD) Guest Relations Office.

The required minimum down payment is the amount of a one-day, one-park, adult ticket, including tax. This applies even if the AP is for a child. The down payment may be made using cash, a gift card, hotel charge, or any other method currently allowed for ticket purchases. The balance will be paid in 12 equal installments (although the final payment may vary because of rounding). The first of the 12 monthly installments will be processed within one business day of the purchase, the remaining eleven on the same date each month, so payment is always in advance.

Once any level of AP has been purchased on the Monthly Payment Plan, if you wish to upgrade to any higher level of AP other than the DL/WDW Premier Pass you continue the payments on the MPP and pay the difference between the AP you are upgrading from and the AP you are upgrading to. For upgrading to the Disney Premier Passport only you must pay off the contract in full prior to doing the upgrade.

There are some special rules in place for purchase at WDW:

1. There are only three allowable forms of ID for the buyer. These are a Florida Driver's License, a Florida State-issued ID card, or a military ID card with proof that the service member is stationed at a military base on Florida. If multiple passes are being purchased, the other Passholders may have any other acceptable form of Florida Resident documentation.
2. If the Pass is purchased by upgrading any existing pass, the value of the pass upgraded from will be the minimum amount of the down payment.
3. The 14 day upgrade rule will be strictly enforced. Although a Resident 3 day or 4 day pass is valid for six months from date of first use, and may normally be upgraded at any time during the six months, for purposes of the Monthly Payment Plan the 14 day rules also applies to these passes.

Qualifying Annual Passes may be renewed at WDW. For any AP renewal there is no down payment requirement. And as any other renewal of an AP, you may upgrade or downgrade at the renewal price.

A Florida Resident may purchase multiple passes. However, each person for whom a pass is purchased must provide proof of Florida Residency at the time of purchase or pickup. If the purchase is done online, all the demographic information for each Passholder will be entered at the time of purchase and will only need to be verified at the time of pickup. If any Zip Code entered is not a valid Florida Zip Code the transaction will not process. If the location of the ISP is outside of Florida you may not even be able to get to the Monthly Payment Plan screen.

The billing address for the credit or debit card used must be a Florida Address. Each person age 18 or older must provide proof of Florida Residency at the time the actual passes are issued. Any person under age 18 must be accompanied by a person with proof of Florida Residency at the time the actual passes are issued.

As a legally binding contract will be signed, the only way a person may stop the payments is by actually closing the account that is being charged and not providing Disney with a new account number. If any payment is missed, all passes on the contract will immediately be blocked. There are provisions for unblocking the passes; there are separate procedures for the actual purchaser (contract signer) and the Passholders, if different.

If a Pass is blocked due to non-payment, certain payments may be accepted at Guest Relations Offices to unblock the Pass. There is an outside company that actually administers the passes and processes the payments. That company is available Monday thru Fridays, 8:00am to 8:00pm only (except holidays) for resolving problems. Information on how to contact the company is in the copy of the contract, and the phone number will be available at ticket and Guest Relations Offices. Other than accepting a payment to unblock a blocked pass, the ticket windows and Guest Relations Offices are unable to answer any specific questions related to any existing contract.

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All About Price-Bridging (Or Not)

Price Bridging is a Disney policy which allows Guests to keep a discount when they upgrade a ticket by adding days or options or going to any Annual Pass. There are specific rules related to which tickets may or may not be price bridged.

The basic concept is that an eligible ticket, once it has been used for a Park entry, will have a two step procedure. The first is to bring the price of the ticket to the current Gate price. If the ticket is paper (Tyvek) a new ticket will print out; if the ticket is on RFID media it will only make a change in the system and there will be no physical change to the ticket. There is no cost to the Guest for this first step. The second step is to take the updated ticket (either the new printed ticket or the RFID ticket) and do the upgrade, with the Guest making payment of the upgrade cost only.

Walt Disney World Ticket Operations sells all tickets. There are three categories of tickets which may be sold and are described below. These are full-price, discounted, and deeply discounted.

1. Full price tickets (Also called Gate Price)

These are sold only at WDW ticketing locations. They are sold at all Park ticket windows and Guest Relations Offices/Windows. This includes the Theme Parks, Water Parks, TTC, and DTD. They are sold online and by phone, but only as a ticket purchase and not as part of a package. If purchased at a Disney Resort Lobby Concierge, and not as part of a package, they are full price. Likewise they may be purchased at a Disney operated gift shop in one of the Downtown Disney Resorts or the Swolphin.

These tickets will not be price-bridged. If they are upgraded during the current pricing period they do not need bridging. However, if there is a general price increase after they are purchased their value will remain the original purchase price for upgrade purposes.

2. Discounted Tickets

These tickets are sold at discounted (wholesale) prices by Ticket Operations to authorized resellers. This may seem strange, but The Disney Store buys the tickets at wholesale so they are considered discounted even though they sell them at full retail. Similarly tickets sold by the Walt Disney Travel Company as part of a WDW package which includes room are discounted tickets. (Note that WDTC will not tell a Guest what the different costs are when you purchase a package.) Other organizations include, as examples, AAA, Undercover Tourist, Maple Leaf Tickets, Official Ticket Center, Tickets at Work, etc. These organizations may set the prices for the tickets they sell at any amount.

These tickets are all eligible to be price-bridged. Note that what you paid for the ticket does not matter. And they must be used at least once prior to doing any upgrade.

3. Deeply Discounted Tickets

These are normally special tickets that cannot be purchased at a ticket window but require an advance purchase. They tend to be sold through Group Sales. Generally it includes the Y.E.S. program, bands, sport teams and conventions. If a ticket has a "not valid before" date on it, or a "not valid after" date (or both) it falls into this category. Other indications are the ticket says YOUTH, SPORT, YES, After 2:00 or After 4:00 on the ticket.

Normally these tickets cannot be upgraded. If there is an exception to policy made and days or options are added these tickets will not be price-bridged and the starting point is actually the price Ticket Operations sold the tickets for (not necessarily the price paid by the end purchaser).

Certain special tickets, such as the Armed Forces Salute or restricted Resident tickets (such as this year's Discover Disney) can receive certain upgrades normally, but because of the very deep discount will not be price bridged to an equivalent "tourist" ticket.

4. Free Tickets

There are three types of "free"; Marketing Hype, Promotional, or Complimentary

There is no such thing as a "free" day on any multi-day ticket. Many authorized resellers, as well as WDTC, will sometimes offer free days. This is strictly Marketing Hype! It does not matter if it is a four day ticket plus three free, a five day ticket plus two free days, or a six day ticket plus one free day. These are all seven day tickets. As said above, resellers can set any prices they want. As far as Ticket Operations is concerned these are regular discounted tickets and may be price-bridged.

Sometimes WDTC will run a promotion such as Kids Play Free. Again, they are buying the tickets from Ticket Operations and are adjusting something such as the room rate to sell rooms. Other promotional examples were the "Free on Your Birthday" a few years ago. Promotional tickets can be price-bridged.

Complimentary Tickets are actually free. They may have one of the following on them: CP, COMP, or COMPLIMENTARY. These tickets may be donated to non-profit organizations for their fund raising purposes. They are also used for Guest Recovery when Disney has caused problem, or for unusual circumstances. An example of the latter is when the Iceland volcano disrupted trans-Atlantic air traffic for several days and people had to stay over and their tickets had expired. Since they are actually free tickets, their value is zero and they cannot be price-bridged.

5. Important Points For Any Upgrade

The price that you paid for a ticket does not matter. Go to Post 18-A in this thread and look up the Gate Value of the ticket up are upgrading to. Look up the Gate Value of the ticket you are upgrading from. Take the difference between the two prices. Multiply the difference by 1.065, which adds in the Sales Tax. If the ticket you are upgrading from is already at Gate Price or is
eligible for price-bridging, the amount you should be charged is known to you. If the difference is more than a few cents ask the person assisting you to recheck their work (even show your calculations).
41 WDW Stays Totaling 321 nights between 1987 and mid-2003. (When "commuting" from Northern Virginia.)

Now Working Part Time at Walt Disney World! Currently at Everything Pop Merchandise after nine years in Guest Services/Ticket Sales.

A few very helpful links which are on DisBoards:
Everything About WDW Tickets and this one disABILITIES FAQs
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